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Annual Audit Plan


Assist the Chief Audit Executive to develop a business-relevant risk-based Annual Audit Plan


Delivery mechanism

An interactive and collaborative engagement using virtual or on-site workshops and one-on-one sessions.  At the heart of this engagement is to provide the Chief Audit Executive with a team of resources who can provide a different and fresh perspective and contribute new insights to the Annual Audit Plan process



  • Brainstorm with the Chief Audit Executive and relevant members of the Internal Audit team to identify how best Action iT GRC can add the most value to the Annual Audit Plan development process

  • Deliver on the agreed contribution.  This could be in the form of walking the Chief Audit Executive and the Internal Audit team through the entire process or only reviewing the result and providing independent, objective inputs to the draft Annual Audit Plan




  • Draft Annual Audit Plan to present to the Audit Committee for approval

  • Transfer of skills and knowledge from our team to the Internal Audit participants through our joint participation in the Annual Audit Plan development process


Relevant fully customisable Action Assist modules

  • Internal Audit Assist (Coming soon)

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