Annual Planning 

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Annual Planning includes all the activities that the stakeholders of an organisation should action to ensure that the annual view (usually 1 year) of the Strategic Plan has been properly aligned and cascaded down from the Strategic Plan. The leadership team of the organisation needs to ensure that all the strategic objectives, as were defined in the Strategic Plan, are included and unpacked in the Annual Plan of the organisation using the SMART principles. The Annual Plan should include clearly defined SMART performance indicators that can be used for organisational and individual performance management purposes.

The Action Assist annual planning module, called SDBIP Assist at Municipalities, facilitates the management of Organisational Performance on a monthly or quarterly basis. The tool can be tailored to address the organisations Performance Management needs and allows for the updating of performance indicators, uploading of supporting documentation. Users with the required level of user access are responsible and accountable for the updating of their own performance information.

The management team, together with their respective teams will have the responsibility of ensuring that the performance indicators are met. Only once the Organisational Performance indicators have been assigned to the responsible employees, will those employees be in a position to downward cascade (align) the required actions to be undertaken by employees. The downward cascaded performance indicators and actions will form part of the employees’ Individual Performance Contract (Performance Matrix) that he/she will be measured on during his/
her performance evaluation. The Action Assist Individual Performance Management Module facilitates the downward cascading of organisational performance indicators down to the individual level. As part of the annual planning processes, the management team of the organisation must ensure that all the Organisational Performance indicators have been cascaded downwards to individuals within the organisation.

Our technology solution, Action Assist, provides subscribers with on-line functionality that assists subscribers in building and managing their:

  • On-line Annual Plan (e.g. SDBIP in the South African Local Government sector);

  • On-line Individual Performance Scorecards.

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