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Below is a repository of articles that the team have published over many years:


Performance Management is a process and not an event!

Volume 19 - Number 4

June / July 2019

IMFO 2011.png

IMFO Journal

Return on Investment from attending the IMFO Conference

Volume 12 - Number 2

Summer 2011

IMFO 2015 2.png

IMFO Journal

Moving towards Good Governance and Effective Performance
Management through the Application of Smart City Principles in Local

Volume 16 - Number 2

Summer 2015

IMFO Journal

Actioning Organisational and Individual Performance Management within your Municipality

Volume 13 Number 1

Spring 2012

IMFO Journal

Embedding Urban Sustainability Considerations into IDP's and SDBIP's

Volume 12 - Number 4

Winter 2012

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