Governance Assist

We can assist operational units to achieve the following:


  • Develop organisational, divisional, departmental or business unit strategy with executable action plans

  • Align organisational, divisional, departmental, business unit and individual KPI’s to the organisational strategy


  • Align policies to organisational strategy

  • Design or redesign policies and processes

  • Populate your risk register and develop risk and control frameworks for your organisation, division, department, business unit or process based on the results from risk assessment workshops

  • Conduct fraud risk assessments

  • Develop fraud prevention methods

  • Perform control gap analysis

  • Provide business continuity management support

  • Assess and advise on process efficiency


  • Develop organisational, divisional, departmental, business unit and individual KPI’s that align to organisational strategy

  • Implement performance management software and facilitate populating the information

  • Company due diligence

  • Staff screening and risk profiling

  • Fraud identification and investigation

  • Civil and criminal litigation support and expert witness testimony

Oversight and Monitoring Services

  • Combined Assurance management

  • Central repository for governance documents such as strategy, policies, processes and procedures

  • Internal Audit services if you do not have an Internal Audit function

  • Investigate possible fraud and corruption through our forensic investigation service


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