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Audit Committee Reporting


Provide the Audit Committee with the information and data they need from Internal Audit in a professional, concise and compelling manner.  Good quality reporting improves trust and builds stronger relationships


Delivery mechanism

Collaborative workshops and one-on-one meetings



  • Clearly define the needs and wants of the audit Committee based on their feedback during Audit Committee meetings as well as through Chief Audit Executive engagement with the audit committee members.  If necessary, engage with the Audit Committee members on a one-on-one basis to understand their requirements

  • Identify the elements that need to be reported

  • Identify the report format

  • Determine the tone of the report

  • Design a report layout in collaboration with the relevant Internal Audit staff



  • Audit Committee reporting template for Internal Audit


Relevant fully customisable Action Assist modules

  • Internal Audit Assist (Coming soon)

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