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Continuous Quality Improvement


Assist the inhouse Internal Audit function to develop a continuous quality improvement programme that will meet the requirements of the IPPF, Audit Committee and support the strategic objectives of the inhouse Internal Audit function


Delivery mechanism

Collaborative workshops with relevant inhouse Internal Audit staff to build a quality improvement programme that meets the IIA requirements

Navigating Change workshop



  • Design and agree a quality assurance framework for the Internal Audit function

  • Review current policies and processes against the agreed framework

  • Identify gaps in the current policies and processes

  • Recommend changes to current policies and processes to align with framework

  • Develop action plans to address the gaps



  • Internal Audit policies and processes that enable adequate quality assurance over all the Internal Audit function activities, continuous improvement of the processes adopted by Internal Audit and continuous improvement of the quality assurance programme itself

  • Optimal balance between ongoing monitoring, periodic self-assessments and independent quality assessments

  • Staff who are better prepared to navigate change


Relevant fully customisable Action Assist modules

  • Internal Audit Assist (Coming soon)

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