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Corporate Social Investment

The Action iT Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative highlights our overall contribution and impact on society. Our initiative takes into account our contribution towards the sustainability of the environments in which we operate, the social impact of our implementations and interventions and the ethics that we apply daily in all our operations. 

The Key CSR challenges that Action iT faces in its daily interactions include the management of stakeholder engagement gaps, stakeholder capacity building, working conditions and connectivity, employee and community relations, social equity, gender balance, human rights, good governance, and anti-corruption measures. We have studied the challenges and have agreed to action the following three programmes.

Supporting a local community project within one of our local municipal subscribers

Our first programme was to identify a project to support within one of the local municipalities. After much investigation and consideration we as Action iT decided to support a TAG Rugby team. TAG Rugby is a non-profit and public benefit organisation that is committed to the building on the union of people, both on and off the sports field.

We are proud to be a part of the ‘adopt-a-school programme’. In 2020 Action iT joined the programme and is sponsoring Saldanha Primary School. This initiative ensures that children are remaining active and are engaging in activities in which they would not normally have the opportunity to enjoy. This programme is dear to us as it inevitably has a positive impact on learners to have a reason to remain off the streets and possibly getting confronted with certain of the ills of society. This initiative allows for an increase of social awareness as both boys and girls are able to run freely with their peers without the need for infrastructure. The actual game of Tag Rugby allows for the fear of injury to be removed as there is no physical contact between players and learners of all physical sizes and capabilities can play together.

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Employees are the biggest asset of any organisation. It is therefore imperative that Action iT should consider the implication of CSR on its own employees. After completing research on the challenges that our employees are facing in completing their daily job activities, housing, safety and connectivity were raised as some of the key challenges. After unpacking each of there challenges it was agreed that Action it will facilitate the access to safe communal accommodation in walking distance from the Grosvenor Square office. The accommodation was secured and the first two employees are being accommodated at the Action iT house.

Providing support and capacity to our employees

Providing additional ongoing capacity and support to our subscribers

Our CSR program is evolving on an ongoing basis and will be adjust to our learnings and experience in this area.

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