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Process Support Focus Areas

We believe that all our clients are unique and should have a bespoke client experience. 

Before the start of any project, in consultation with the client, we design a client specific implementation plan based on the client identified needs and expectations. This gives the client the opportunity to gain access to the correct mix of our skills and expertise. The Action iT team of professionals together with our strategic business partners have, over many years, gained vast experience in the rollout of interventions in defining, implementing, managing and reporting on the Strategic Direction of organisations. 

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Our approach to process support is depicted above on the right. It shows the capacity areas that should be embedded and supported by an appropriate technology platform. The outputs from the technology platform, which we call Business Intelligence, should assist the organisation in generating all the required outputs to enable the management team to make the required operational decisions to ensure the smooth and sustainable running of their organisation. To ensure that the optimal performance of the business is achieved Capacity must be built in the following focus areas:

Strategic Direction


For any organisation to Perform Well it needs a clearly defined Strategic Intent. This is achieved by defining a clearly defined Strategic Direction, which incorporates the appropriate level of detail for the effective downward cascading of responsibilities and accountabilities to all levels of employees / stakeholders within the organisation. Our team can assist with:

  • Review of the Performance Management Policy / Framework

  • Performance Management Training

  • Review / Development of the Performance Chapters in the Strategic Plan (IDP)

  • Review / Development of the Annual Plan

  • Review / Development of Technical Indicator Descriptions

  • Review / Development of Standard Operating Procedures

  • Review / Development of Indicator Lead Schedules

  • Review / Development of Performance Agreements for Managers

  • Review / Development of Performance Agreements for Middle Managers

  • Review / Development of Departmental Business Plans

  • Cascading Performance to lower staff levels

  • Facilitation of Performance Evaluations

  • Compilation of Performance Reports

  • Audit support

  • Facilitation of Strategic Sessions

  • Consultations / Engagements with Stakeholders

  • Compilation of Specialist Reports

  • Strategy and action plan development

  • KPI alignment to strategy and action plans

ICON - Risk - 250 x 250 - 20150917.png

Risk Management

Implementing a clearly defined and managed Risk Management function for the organisation. Our team can assist with:

  • Risk Management / Evaluation Workshops

  • Creation / Population Risk Register(s)

  • Population of risk register(s) and development of risk and control frameworks for the organisation, a division(s), a department(s), a business unit(s) or process based on the results from risk assessment workshops

  • Conducting fraud risk assessments

  • Developing fraud prevention methods

  • Performing control gap analyses

  • Providing business continuity management support

  • Assessing and advising on process efficiency

  • ​Staff screening and risk profiling

  • Fraud identification and investigation

  • Civil and criminal litigation support and expert witness testimony

  • Review / Development of Risk and Control Matrices

  • Forensic Support


ICON_Legislation Library_w381 x h251.png

King IV on good corporate governance encompasses ethical and effective leadership.  Effective leadership ensures that outcomes are achieved effectively and efficiently, and strategic objectives are met.  Ethical leadership epitomises integrity, justice, transparency, proficiency, accountability and responsibility.  The outcomes of good corporate governance are an ethical culture, legitimacy, effective control and good performance. Our team can assist with:  

  • Review / Development of Code of ethics

  • Review / Development / Implementation of Performance Management

  • Policy Design or Redesign

  • Process or Sub-Process Design or Redesign

  • Control Design

  • Assurance services (Internal Audit, External Audit, Combined Assurance design, special audit requests, forensic investigations)

  • Revenue Assurance

  • Management reporting and dashboards

  • M&A reports

  • Document Governance

ICON - Compliance - 250 x 182 -20150917.png


Clearly defined, communicated, monitored and evaluated Compliance practices against legislative, best practice, policy and procedure and other requirements. Our team can assist with:

  • Creation / Population Compliance Action Plans

  • Defining the Compliance Gap

  • Compliance audits

  • Compliance software

  • Control self-assessments


ICON_Resolutions Assist_w796 x h1000.png

Systems and processes to provide for the required level of Assurance across all the disciplines from all the relevant stakeholders. Our team can assist with:

  • Creation / Population Audit Query Register and Audit Action Plan

  • Combined Assurance management

  • Internal Audit Services

  • Internal Audit policy and process development

  • Development of  annual internal audit plan 

  • Providing objective input into internal audit project planning 

  • Assisting with the design or refinement of Audit and Risk Committee report(s)

  • Building staff capacity for financial and operational audits

  • Internal Audit performance management system

  • Review / Development of Internal Audit Strategy

  • Review / Development of Internal Audit Policy and Process 

  • Internal Audit Resourcing

  • Internal Audit Performance Management Support

  • Annual Audit Plan

  • Internal Audit Projects

  • Internal Audit Project Scopes and Plans

  • Audit Committee Reporting

  • Application Control Reviews

  • General Computer Control Reviews

  • Technical Reviews

  • IT and IS Governance Reviews

  • Pre-Quality Assurance Review Readiness Assessment

  • Continuous Quality Improvement Programme

  • Coaching of Executives, Managers and Staff



Clearly defined, communicated and maintained Learning plans, across all disciplines, for all planned activities. Our team can assist with:

  • Action Assist System Learning Events

  • Competency Learning Events for all levels of staff

  • Mentoring

  • Coaching

  • Skills Practices

  • Development of Bespoke Learning Events

  • Leadership Development

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