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Internal Audit Assist

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Audit Assist is your preferred Internal Audit shared service provider supported by a software solution that is fully customisable. We offer the following services:


  • Coach and mentor chief audit executives, internal audit managers and internal audit staff.   The purpose is to assist with career and professional development and to serve as a sounding board for practical day-to-day challenges encountered in the internal audit operational environment.

For more on our coaching offerings, click on the following: Internal Audit Staff Coaching


  • Identify initiatives to enhance the viability of the internal audit function

  • Develop a continuous quality improvement programme

  • Conduct pre-QAR (Quality Assurance Review) readiness assessments

  • Develop the Combined Assurance model

  • Provide short term resources when you are in a pinch

  • General Computer Control reviews

  • Application Control reviews

  • Technical reviews

  • IT and IS Governance reviews

For more on our competence offerings, click on the following: Internal Audit Competence Management


  • Internal Audit policy and process development

  • Assist with the development of your annual internal audit plan by sharing our knowledge, expertise, views and insights with your team during the annual planning process

  • Objective input into your internal audit project planning by sharing our knowledge and expertise with your team and providing alternative views and insights

  • Assist with the design or refinement of your Audit and Risk Committee report

  • Staff capacity for financial and operational audits

  • Internal Audit performance management system

  • Internal Audit Management software (Launching soon)

For more on our support offerings, click on the following: Internal Audit Support


  • Develop the internal audit departmental strategy with executable action plans

  • Provide a soundboard to resolve strategic challenges or dilemmas

For more on our sustainability offerings, click on the following: Internal Audit Sustainability 


Click here to enquire about any of our services

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