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Internal Audit Policy & Process Development


Clear guidelines for employees on what they may and may not do and where accountability and responsibility is vested

Clear guidelines for employees on what steps they need to take to perform a specific duty or complete a specific process

Optimised operational efficiency and effectiveness


Delivery mechanism

Document based assessment as well as interactive workshops and one-on-one meetings

Navigate Change workshops to support significant policy and process changes or implementation of new policies and processes



  • Obtain copies of existing policies and processes

  • Engage with staff to understand what tasks they perform and how they perform these tasks

  • Update the existing policies and processes to reflect the As-Is policies and processes that are being used on the ground

  • Review the As-Is policies and processes for gaps and inefficiencies

  • Design solutions to remediate the gaps and inefficiencies

  • Draft recommended To-Be policies and processes

  • Discuss the To-Be policies and processes with the Chief Audit Executive and other relevant staff

  • Formulate a final draft of policies and processes

  • Agree action plans with stakeholders to implement the policies and processes



  • Draft policies and processes approved by the Chief Audit Executive

  • Action plans to implement the policies and processes

  • Action Assist module populated with the action plans if you are subscribed to the Action Assist Modules


Relevant fully customisable Action Assist modules

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