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Internal Audit Strategy Development


Identify and document the common goals and aspirations that Internal Audit wants to achieve


Delivery mechanism

Virtual or on-site interactive workshop facilitated by two highly experienced individuals

Navigate Change workshop



  • Understand the environment Internal Audit operates in

  • Design a customised strategy workshop in collaboration with the Chief Audit Executive

  • Identify workshop participants in collaboration with the Chief Audit Executive

  • Facilitate an interactive strategy workshop

  • Record the outcomes of the workshop

  • Discuss the workshop outcomes with the Chief Audit Executive

  • Take the Internal Audit function through Navigate Change training



  • Customised strategy for Internal Audit

  • Executable action plans aligned to the strategy

  • Action Assist and Organisational Performance Assist modules populated with the results if you are subscribed to the Action Assist Modules

  • Staff who are equipped to successfully navigate change


Relevant fully customisable Action Assist modules

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