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Our Methodology

The implementation of an electronic system within an organisation does not guarantee that best practice results / outputs will be achieved. Any IT system is as good as the information that has been captured into it. (i.e. Garbage In - Garbage Out). It is therefore of critical importance that all the correct data is collected and captured into the IT system to deliver the optimal results. During system implementation, the Action Assist database and required modules will be activated on the Action iT servers. The activation of the module includes those activities required to make the module available for the end user. Any programming activities required to allow for the seamless integration with other IT systems will also take place during the system implementation. All the required and approved data will be captured / imported into Action Assist. The identified Database, Module Administrator(s), and end users will be trained on the use of the system. We believe that adult education needs to be experiential and all our interventions are designed around this assumption.

The System Support represents the monthly system support hours required by the users of Action Assist. The monthly system support hours, which are invoiced as a monthly support fee, are the hours required to assist the organisation with system support around the use of Action Assist and does not include any PMS Support on the data captured into the system. The System Support hours are limited to the fair use hours included in our standard terms and conditions but additional support hours can be negotiated (if required). The System Support activities include attending to all System Support queries logged on the Online Helpdesk, providing remote support for Go-Live and post Go-Live activities, including support in troubleshooting any performance or functional issues and errors, regular interactions with the System Administrator, and collaboration with the municipality around resolution of system bugs/errors/ enhancements etc. Only support calls logged through the online HelpDesk will be actioned.

Capacity Building an Support

The Capacity Building and Support included in any project will be the agreed upon before being provided. The Capacity Building and Support hours are the hours required to assist the client with the data that is captured into the system and does not include any support on the use of the system. Capacity Building and Support includes all the professional services that can be provided to a client and / or subscriber of Action Assist. We understand that each client has different needs, and therefore, the level of support should be customised based on their needs and / or requirements.

Navigating Change

One of the greatest risks of this project is the buy-in, commitment and continued implementation of the new system after the completion of the training interventions. The uptake needs to be high and the appropriate navigating change initiatives need to be introduced to facilitate the uptake. For this to take place the implementation needs to be Creative, Innovative, User friendly, Easy to access, Fun and linked to the Reward and Incentive Strategy. The objectives of the initiatives will be to ensure that all stakeholders are aware and "buy into" the change that will be brought about by the process and / or system, to ensure that stakeholders understand how they will fit into the new way of working, to ensure that stakeholders know what is expected of them, and to ensure that stakeholders are appropriately skilled and motivated to adopt the desired change.

Project Wrap-Up

The final activity of any project involves the project sign-off from the Project Steering Committee. The activities included during the project wrap-up are those required to successfully close the project. Throughout the implementation our emphasis will be on developing practical solutions, recommendations and guidelines which can readily be implemented, and which will not place any significant additional administrative, human resource and financial burden on the client (our policy is to, wherever possible, "keep it simple").

Performance Wheel Wallpaper 2 20200815.p
Performance Wheel Wallpaper 2 20200815.p

Our approach and methodology to the implementation of projects is based on a close, interactive working relationship with our clients. The approach incorporates the following areas:

• Effective project management to ensure that the project is completed within the stipulated timeframes and within the agreed upon budget;

• Ensuring buy-in from key stakeholders to facilitate and expedite project progress;

• Navigating the change imperative to ensure the learning solutions developed are accepted and adopted by users, stakeholders and participants;

In our experience a project is most effectively carried out using a structured and methodical approach, which is depicted above and summarized below.

Methodology 20210107.png

Project Set-Up

At the commencement of any engagement, we meet with the client and hold a project inception meeting. Using the outcomes for the meeting, a tailored approach is built from the discussions and an agreement is reached on the specific objectives, timelines, deliverables and contact persons for the project. An agreement is reached on the level of Capacity Building and Support that will be provided. Skills transfer forms an important part of our approach and as such we will develop a skills transfer plan to guide the process throughout project implementation.

System Implementation

System Support

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