mSCOA Integration

Overview of the mSCOA Library Module:

As the implementation of performance management in Local Government in South Africa continues to gain momentum nationally, Municipalities are increasingly investing resources in the development and implementation of a Performance Management System (PMS) under the governance of the Local Government Municipal Systems Act No.32 of 2000. In addition to this legislation, compliance is also required in terms of The Constitution of the RSA, 1996 (Act 108 of 1996), The Municipal Structures Act, 1998 (Act 117 of 1998), The Municipal Planning and Performance Management Regulations (No 796, 24 August 2001), The Municipal Financial Management Act No.56 of 2003, The Performance Regulations for Municipal Managers and Managers Directly Accountable to Municipal Managers (No 29089 1 August 2006), Batho Pele (1998) and guidelines as provided by the Department of Local Government and Provincial Affairs (DPLG). More recently, the Regulation to implement the Standard Chart of Accounts (SCOA) (Gazette 37577) has an impact on how a municipality sets up operational and capital projects by way of linking its Integrated Development Plan (IDP) with its annual budget. To ensure that mSCOA compliance is achieved it is important to understand the role played by integrated information systems around HR, Finance, Payroll and other operational management systems. Action Assist can assist in achieving this integration as we are prepared to assist in integrating with other vendor software packages where practically possible. We believe that we should focus on our core competency of performance management and that where possible, we integrate with other technology solutions and technology providers to ensure that our subscribers achieve the most economical and efficient one stop performance management solution possible.

The mSCOA Library module has been developed and programmed to assist with ensuring the above seamless integration from a financial perspective and to ensure the validation of the financial data imported from the municipal financial system using a NT upload file. This is a requirement to ensure that the data included in the NT upload file is valid and that it is grouped and reported correctly. Once the data has been validated, the NT upload file will be used to populate the financial reporting requirements of SDBIP Assist. This module is a requirement if the subscriber wants to link financials to the Annual Planning (SDBIP) module.

The high-level process flow of the mSCOA Library is as follows:

The module administrator defines the module setup and required user access;
Users with the correct level of user access will be able to build the mSCOA Segments in the database;
Users with the correct level of user access will be able to edit mSCOA Segments in the database;
Users with the correct level of user access will be able to deactivate mSCOA Segments in the database;

mSCOA Library Key features include:

  • The availability of an online mSCOA Library which can be accessed by other Action Assist modules;

  • Easy, user friendly update process;

  • Provides a data validation and confirmation check for financial data imported into Annual Performance (Organisational Performance) module.

mSCOA Library Example Screenshots:

Performance Wheel Wallpaper 2 20200815.p
Performance Wheel Wallpaper 2 20200815.p
ICON_mSCOA Library_w894 x h1000.png
Performance Wheel Wallpaper 2 20200815.p