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Internal Audit Strategy Development

The challenge for many inhouse Internal Audit functions is to remain aligned to its client organisation and be seen to be as good as or better than outsourced Internal Audit services. Inhouse Internal Audit functions therefore need to see themselves as a professional services firm and develop a unique strategy that will ensure they remain the service provider of choice for their client organisation. A formal Internal Audit strategy helps leverage Internal Audit’s reputation and industry and organisation knowledge, experience and expertise to win the confidence and trust of the client organisation and build the Internal Audit brand in the client organisation. 

Internal Audit Performance Management Support

Develop KPI’s for audit staff that align with the Internal Audit strategy to provide the Chief Audit Executive with the peace of mind that day-to-day activities of audit staff will contribute optimally to the achievement of the Internal Audit strategy.

Internal Audit Policy and Process Development

Create certainty and inspire confidence amongst the Internal Audit staff.  With well documented policies and processes staff know what they can and can’t do and what they need to do to deliver a consistent product that meets management expectations.

Internal Audit Resourcing

If your inhouse Internal Audit function is pressed for resources due to a special project that has suddenly come your way OR staff resigning or taking unplanned leave from the organisation OR you lack the inhouse expertise for a specific project, Internal Audit Assist has a variety of resources at its disposal who, at short notice, can fill your resource gaps at any level in the Internal Audit function.

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