Organisational Performance

Overview of the Organisational Performance Assist Module:

The Organisational Performance Assist (e.g. Annual Plan Assist) module assists with the management and reporting of the performance requirements included in the annual organisational plan on the organisation (e.g. Annual Plan of a municipality). This includes the generation of organisational performance reports, the tracking of finances (with an integration possibility to the accounting system) and the assurance functionality.

The Annual Plan Administrator is also responsible for setting the monthly reminder dates, when notifications are sent to the Action Owners reminding them to update their KPIs, as well as closure dates, when the specific month closes for updating so that no further updating is possible. The use of closure dates ensures that all KPIs are updated in a timely manner so that the necessary reporting is possible. The module makes provision for multiple closure dates per month and users can be assigned to different closure dates depending on their requirements.

The Annual Plan module also makes provision for an Assurance function. The Assurance Provider can review any KPI update to ensure it is correct and complete and, if necessary, return the update back to the Action Owner for further updates. This Assurance function can happen at any time after the KPI has been updated, irrespective of whether or not the relevant month has been closed. Once the Assurance Provider reviews a KPI update and signs off that it is complete and correct, the KPI update can no longer be amended.

The Top Layer Annual Plan feature allows for the grouping of specific monthly Departmental KPIs into quarterly Top Layer KPIs for reporting to the relevant authority. The Top Layer Administrator creates as many Top Layer KPIs as needed by selecting the associated Departmental KPIs. The Annual Plan module then automatically converts any monthly targets into quarterly targets and merges the multiple Departmental KPIs (if more than one is selected) into one Top Layer KPI. The Top Layer Administrator can then create one (or more) Top Layer Annual Plan(s) by selecting the required Top Layer KPIs. Top Layer KPIs are not assigned Action Owners as the module automatically updates the Top Layer KPI based on the actual performance captured for the related Departmental KPIs.

The Annual Plan module allows for both tabular (Microsoft Excel) and graphical reporting. The module has a standard graphical dashboard report, available to all users, which shows the most recent year-to-date KPI performance and project expenditure per Directorate and Sub-Directorate within the municipality. Custom tabular and graphical reports can be generated as needed through the Reporting function. These additional reports can be customised by the user to meet their own requirements and the custom report settings can also be saved for future reporting through the Quick Reports feature. All tabular reports are available for 7 days after generation for reference purposes.

The high-level process flow of the Organisational Performance module is as follows:

1. The annual Annual Plan (e.g. SDBIP) is cascaded down from the Strategic Plan (e.g. IDP) module. The Annual Plan Administrator will select the relevant financial year within the Strategic Plan and the Annual Plan module will pull down all the details recorded within the Strategic Plan, including the annual performance targets and annual budgets, to create the Departmental Annual Plan for the selected financial year.

2. The Annual Plan Administrator will then break down the annual targets into monthly or quarterly targets, as required. Annual Plan Users are assigned specific KPIs through the Action Owner field – the Action Owners are the users responsible for updating the actual performance of the KPI throughout the year. Once the monthly targets and Action Owners have been assigned, the Annual Plan is then activated, and it becomes available to the Action Assist users. Those Annual Plan Users who have been assigned to KPIs will now have access to those KPIs to update Actual performance.

3. When updating a KPI, the Annual Plan module makes provision for the following information:

a. Actual performance (in the same unit of measurement as the Target);

b.Performance Comment to further explain the actual performance captured;

c. Corrective Measure, should the Actual performance not meet the required Target;

d. Proof of Evidence as either an attachment to be stored on the system or a text comment explaining where such Proof of Evidence can be found should it not be possible to attach such evidence.

Organisational Performance Assist Module Key features include:

  • Easy, user friendly update process;

  • All data is maintained in one central database;

  • All data is real time and up-to-date all the time;

  • Users can only access information if they have been given access to do so;

  • Easy to activate an Annual Plan (e.g. SDBIP) for a specific financial year as all the hard work takes place at the Strategic Plan (e.g. Strategic Plan) level;

  • As part of the monthly updates responsible users can be required to capture a performance comment and a recommended action if the performance target was not achieved;

  • The system allows for various types of performance calculation methods which are consistently applied;

  • Users with the required level of user access are able to View the progress of organisational performance at any time, on any day;

  • Users with the required level of user access are able to Generate custom tabular and graphical reports at any time, on any day;

  • Automated logging of all activities in detailed activity logs;

  • Automated updating of Top Layer KPIs based on performance recorded for associated Departmental KPIs;

  • Automated closure of update time periods can be scheduled on the system;

  • The system accommodates for more than 1 (one) period closing per month;

  • Automated reminder notifications can be scheduled on the system;

  • Clearly defined User Access to ensure that users only have access to the KPIs and functionality they need;

  • Import and export functionality of financial information into and out of the system;

  • Ability to produce management dashboards through the reporting functionality for executive decision making;

  • Clearly defines accountability and responsibility to users that are responsible for updating the Annual Plan;

  • Functionality to attach electronic Proof of Evidence when performing the monthly updates;

  • Ability to produce management dashboards through the reporting functionality;

  • Financial information can be imported directly into the system through both a manual process as well as a fully integrated process (as required by legislation e.g. mSCOA);

  • Assurance functionality is available for the checking / validation of performance information.

Action Assist Module Example Screenshots:

Performance Wheel Wallpaper 2 20200815.p
ICON_Annual Performance_w381 x h476.png
Performance Wheel Wallpaper 2 20200815.p
Performance Wheel Wallpaper 2 20200815.p
Performance Wheel Wallpaper 2 20200815.p
Performance Wheel Wallpaper 2 20200815.p