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Policy Alignment to Strategy



Create synergy of activity across or within a specific organisation, division, department or business unit to effectively and efficiently achieve the strategic objectives


Delivery mechanism

Document based assessment of policies against strategic objectives and action plans supported by one-on-one meetings and interactive workshops where necessary

Navigate Change workshops to support instances where significant realignment is needed



  • Obtain copies of all policies that relate to the organisation, division, department or business unit

  • Obtain copy of the strategy and action plans

  • Review the policies with the purpose of identifying elements that may hinder effective and efficient delivery of the strategy and action plans

  • Confirm observed misalignment with stakeholders

  • Develop recommendations for changes to policies

  • Agree recommendations and action plans with stakeholders



  • Gap analysis between strategy and policies

  • Approved recommendations to remediate the identified policy misalignment

  • Approved action plans to implement recommendations

  • Action Assist module populated with the results if you are subscribed to the Action Assist Modules


Relevant fully customisable Action Assist modules

Action Assist

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