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Pre-Quality Assurance


Assist the inhouse Internal Audit function to be better prepared for an independent external quality assessment


Delivery mechanism

We offer two services. The first is to walk beside the inhouse function as they prepare for the QAR.  The second is to conduct a desktop review of the Quality Assurance Review (QAR) pack that has been prepared for the independent external quality assessment.  The purpose of both is to ensure that the inhouse Internal Audit function is better prepared for the formal QAR and more likely to conform to the IPPF standards



  • Be available throughout the preparation process to provide guidance (if this is the selected option)

  • Review the QAR pack that has been prepared

  • Provide recommendations on improvements that should be made before the formal QAR



  • Recommendations to improve the quality of the QAR pack and reduce the risk of getting an adverse review


Relevant fully customisable Action Assist modules

  • N/A

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