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Process Support

Process Support represents the professional services provided by our team to assist our clients throughout the performance cycle. This includes both consulting support and capacity building around the data that is captured into the system and does not include any support on the use of the system. We understand that each of our clients may have different needs, and therefore, the level of support will be customised based on individual client requirements. 

At the commencement of any engagement, we meet with the management team of the client and hold a project inception meeting. Using the outcomes for the meeting, we tailor our approach emerging from the discussions and agree on the specific objectives, timelines, deliverables and contact persons and then develop a project charter and project plan accordingly.

An agreement on the level of Process Support to be provided as well as a discussion on the project implementation project plan, which includes activities, responsibilities, and timeframes, will be undertaken.

Skills transfer forms an important part of our approach. We will develop a skills transfer plan to guide the process throughout project implementation. In this way we can ensure that each of our clients obtains the appropriate level of Performance process support based on their specific requirements.

To assist easy navigation we have grouped our process support offering into our Performance Focus Areas, the Municipal Performance Compliance Calendar, our Cash Management offering and access to a Toolkit. 

Focus Areas

Our Process Support

Focus Areas

Performance Calendar

South African Municipal Performance Compliance Calendar 


The Action iT Managing Performance Toolkit


Easy access to a repository of Performance Legislation

Case Studies

Overview of our Case Studies

Our Experience

Our experience in assisting organisations to manage performance

Cash Manager

Investec Specialist Bank Cash Management offering


Easy access to managing performance articles

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