- Each box contains 10 pods

- Nespresso and Cafe Lux compatible pods

- 100% Arabica beans

- Manufactured by Coffee Capsules Direct (Pty) Ltd


Coffee Pods

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    Green - Stock code number: AIT016
    Red - Stock code number: AIT017
    Blue - Stock code number: AIT018
    Orange - Stock code number: AIT019

  • About each coffee:

    Green box:
    LUNGO - Intensity: 8 
    These coffee beans have been carefully selected and therefore allows a bold but refreshing flavour.

    Red box:
    DELUXE - Intensity: 6
    A rich flavour with a golden brown crema, as well as tones of nuts and dark chocolate.

    Blue box:
    DECAFFE - Intensity: 7
    A rich aroma with full flavour, but without the caffiene.

    Orange box:
    PURE  - Intensity: 7
    A well-rounded coffee with a subtle finish. The beans allow for well balanced and smooth cup of coffee.

  • How to order

    Email marketing@actionassist.co.za with the stock code number and the quantity you would like.