Overview of the Project Assist Module:

Project Assist assists organisations with the operational, financial and compliance management of projects. Projects are assigned to a project manager whom is responsible for ensuring that all deliverables, sub-deliverable and actions making up the project are assigned to specific users on the system. The system facilitates the capturing, editing, updating, monitoring, maintaining, managing and evaluation of projects from a centralised point. All activities on the tool are date stamped providing management with a detailed independent audit trail.

The high-level process flow of the Project Assist module is as follows:

  1. New projects are logged on the on-line project register by the Project Administrator and are assigned to a Project Owner (person of directorate / department). For each project specific optional functionality will be selected that will be applied by the system;

  2. The Project Owner(s) will review the project, capture the required deliverables and / or sub-deliverables and assign one or more actions to action owners (using the SMART principles). The actions will be those actions required to ensure that the identified deliverable is completed;

  3. The Action Owner(s) will complete all the actions assigned to them by updating their action progress (%) and capturing that actual outcome against the target units pre-set on the online project register;

  4. The Management team and other operational support functions will provide support and guidance to the Deliverable, Sub-Deliverable and Action Owner(s) with the completion of their required outcomes. Various types of Reports can be generated by management for Monitoring & Evaluation, Reporting and Compliance purposes.

Project Assist Module Key features include:

  • The availability of an up to date online Project Register;

  • The ability of the system administrator to Manage user access;

  • The functionality Manage the financial budget of projects against the actual spend per project deliverable;

  • The ability of users to track Compliance with laws, regulations, policies and procedures etc.;

  • The ability to allocate and track projects in specific Financial Years;

  • Real-time up to date user Dashboards showing overdue actions, actions due today and actions not yet due;

  • A 3-Click process for action owners to update the actions assigned to them;

  • The ability for users to Attach supporting documents;

  • Functionality to allow for the Approval of actions;

  • Functionality to Assess the outcome of the project;

  • Functionality for track Assurance procedures carried out by assurance providers;

  • Standard transaction Logging and audit trail reporting;

  • The automatic generation of Notifications and Reminders;

  • Functionality that allows users to generate their own customised project and action Reports. The reporting functionality allows users to use various data filters and data grouping tools;

  • Reporting Generated on screen or exported to excel;

  • The generation of various Fixed reports which include both numeric and graphical data that can be used as status and exception reporting for management purposes;

  • The generation of outputs that can assist with Organisational and Individual Performance Management processes;

  • Data Storage functionality which maintains project, deliverable, sub-deliverable and action data in the data base for future reference and reporting purposes;

  • Defining if a project Template should be used for the project logged;

  • Allocation of a Supplier(s) to the project logged;

  • Allocation of the Financial Budget, per supplier, to the various deliverables of the project;

  • Defining if a project should be Assessed;

  • Defining the Assessment Criteria of a project (if applicable) – available in 2018;

  • Defining if Weights should be applied to the assessment of the project logged – available in 2018;

  • Ability to Attach supporting documentation.

  • Defining of the SMART Actions to be performed by specific users;

  • Defining of the specific Outcome of each action;

  • Defining of the Target Unit of each outcome;

  • Defining of the Unit of Measurement of each outcome;

  • Defining the action Deadline Date of each outcome;

  • Ability to Update the action progress

  • Ability to Update the number of units delivered

  • Ability to Attach supporting documentation to each action update.

  • Defining of the Main- and Sub- Deliverables making up the project;

  • Assigning of deliverables to predefined Deliverable Categories;

  • Assigning Weights to deliverables for Assessment purposes (if applicable) – available in 2018;

  • Defining of the Deadline Date for each deliverable;

  • Ability to Update the deliverable status (progress to completion);

  • Ability to Attach supporting documentation to each deliverable;

  • Ability to Update the financial spend relating to a project (at a deliverable level).

Project Assist Module Example Screenshots:

Performance Wheel Wallpaper 2 20200815.p
Performance Wheel Wallpaper 2 20200815.p
Performance Wheel Wallpaper 2 20200815.p
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