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Risk and Control

Risk Evaluation Workshops

Identify the risks, including fraud risks, in your organisation, division, department, business unit or process. Knowing the risks you face and possible missed opportunities you have, helps you design and implement plans that can reduce your risk to acceptable levels and ensure you exploit the opportunities.

Project Risk Evaluations

Knowing upfront the risks your project may be facing gives you the opportunity to proactively put measures in place to reduce the potential negative fallout, thereby increasing the chance of project success. We are able to facilitate project risk assessments for all nature of projects including specialist IT projects.

Control Design

Controls are only as effective as their design. Well-designed controls help management prevent and detect fraud and error more effectively and reduce operational inefficiencies.

Risk and Control Matrices

Risk proof a process by developing a risk and control matrix for the process. This tool helps you identify:

controls for each risk in your process where you have insufficient controls where you have unnecessary controls in your process that can be eliminated and make your process more efficient.

Project Assurance

We offer an independent ongoing assessment of a project’s prospects of succeeding and provide assurance that risks are being collected, prioritised and mitigated effectively and efficiently.

Forensic Support

Governance Assist supports businesses in their endeavours to safeguard their processes against fraud and their organisations against unscrupulous employees. And when fraud has been committed, we support you through the investigation, remediation and litigation process.

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