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Action Assist is an innovative South African online subscription offering which provides organisations with a secure, encrypted, web-based platform for the management of operational processes and data storage on the Internet. The tool reduces the administration burden on stakeholders in the day to day operational running of the organisation and clearly assigns responsibility and accountability to all users.  As Action Assist is a web-based offering, there are no hardware requirements to the subscriber in implementing the Action Assist system.

Action iT (Pty) Ltd is the owner and developer of Action Assist.  Our subscribers subscribe to the use of the system and the source code and Intellectual Property of the system (ownership) remains with Action iT (Pty) Ltd at all times. The intellectual property (ownership) of the data captured on to Action Assist, remains that of the subscriber.

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Action Assist

Innovative online Performance Management System


Modular functionality included in Action Assist


Pricing to subscribe to use Action Assist


Frequently asked questions about Action Assist

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