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Strategic Planning

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Strategic Planning is a process and not a once-off event. It requires the appropriate level of strategic guidance and commitment from the leadership team of the organisation whom, through a consultative process, build the Strategic Plan of the organisation using the SMART principles. The Strategic Plan should be supported by the appropriate organisational structures, processes, objectives, goals, projects, performance indicators, resources etc. Project Planning and Project Management competencies are critical to any organisation that would like to achieve their long-term strategic objectives as defined and documented in their Strategic Plan.

As part of the Strategic Planning process, the stakeholders in any organisation should consider the impact of risks on that organisation. Risk Management includes those activities where risks are identified, classified, assessed, prioritised and action plans for each risk are initiated and maintained. In the risk management process, management will apply resources to minimise, track, and control the probability and/or impact of any possible events that could result in the risk becoming a reality.

Governance, which includes compliance to Legislation, Regulations, Policies and Procedures, etc. has become increasingly more important across all the sectors of our economy. The management team of all organisations should act in an ethical manner, with integrity and should be held accountable by all the stakeholders. This can only be achieved if the organisation has a clearly defined, communicated and implemented a Code of Governance. Organisations should regularly review their Code of Governance to allow for the early detection of gaps which will allow management to identify and implement the required corrective actions. The Code of Governance should include sufficient information around the organisations intent on their level of adherence with the Governance Standards as laid down by legislation, best practice guidance and King IV. The code should include a thorough plan on how the organisation will achieve and maintain their planned governance outcomes.

The highly qualified and experienced facilitators in our business partner network can assist organisations to complete the required planning activities, develop the appropriate strategies, organisational structure, processes, identify organisational and individual performance indicators, build, implement and manage the developed action plans, and maintain and monitor the progress of implementation of the set and agreed upon indicators.

Our technology solution, Action Assist, provides subscribers with on-line functionality that assists subscribers in building and managing their:

  • Strategic Plan (e.g. IDP in the South African Local Government sector);

  • On-line Risk Register(s);

  • On-line Legislation Library;

  • On-line Project Register, etc.

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