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Strategic Plans

Overview of the Strategic Plan Assist Module:

The strategic planning process is very important for any organisation and needs to be carried out before implementing a performance management system. During this process, the leadership team of the municipality needs to define the Vison Statement, Mission Statement and Value Statement of the municipality before they can start the process on agreeing on the service delivery objectives and outcomes. These will be captured, including the tracking of the various versions, into the Action Assist system to make them available for reporting purposes.

The process starts by the user creating the Strategic Plan (e.g. IDP) on the system. The information captured for each Strategic Plan includes the Name of the Strategic Plan, the start date (financial year) and the number of subsequent year(s) that should be added to the initial year. This functionality allows the Strategic Plan system owner to specifically define the number of years required (i.e. the municipality is not limited to the standard 5-year period).

Once the Strategic Plan has been created on the system, the users are required to define the Objectives and Outcomes. During this process, the leadership team of the organisation needs to agree on the Strategic Objectives, Strategic Focus Areas, Predetermined Objectives and Expected Outcomes that, in terms of legislation or other mandates, must be included in the Strategic Plan. Performance Assist guides the users in a user-friendly step by step manner in completing the various required data fields with the aid of various programmed validation checks.

For Strategic Planning purposes, annual performance targets and annual financial budgets (at a higher mapping level) will be set, while, for Annual Planning purposes, the set annual performance and financial budgets will be allocated to the months within the relevant financial years.

Once the users have created all the expected outcomes, the system will guide them to build all the projects required to be completed for each Expected Outcome defined.

The organisation will be required to define the Performance Management Framework / Policy of the organisation and define the Key Performance Areas (KPAs), Programmes, and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that will be used by the organisation for Individual Performance Management purposes. Action Assist facilitates the linking of Key Performance Indicators to Expected Outcomes and Projects.

The high-level process flow of the Strategic Plan Assist Module is as follows:

  1. The module administrator defines the module setups and required users accesses;

  2. Users with the correct level of user access will be able to build / edit / approve the Strategy, Strategic Plan, Projects and Performance Measures that must be included in the Strategic Plan;

  3. Users with the correct level of user access will be able to View and Run the required reports for reporting, performance management and monitoring and evaluation purposes.

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