Terms and Conditions

We would like to draw your attention to the following:

  • The above price is based our understanding of the current state and may therefore change on discovering that the level of effort required is lower or higher than expected. This will be discussed and agreed with you beforehand.  Furthermore, our fees are based on the expectation that employees, the provision of documents and responses to request take place within required timeframes;


  • All professional hours will be limited to the hours listed in the costing schedule.  Any additional support will be charged separately under a scope variation; 


  • Any assistance that falls outside of the agreed scope of work needs to be agreed upon and thereafter approved in writing, as a scope variation order, prior to initiation.  Any costs incurred will be included in the variation order;

  • Our rates are adjusted on an annual basis as per CPIX. Therefore, the price is subject to price escalation;

  • The cost of disbursements has been calculated as an estimate (before VAT). Only actual disbursements incurred will be charged and we will make every effort to keep disbursements below the estimate amount, however, should the disbursements exceed the estimate, the subscriber will be charged accordingly.

  • Mileage is charged at the standard SARS agreed rate per kilometre; 


  • The project charter and project plan will be signed off by the project sponsor prior to the project commencing;

  • Critical municipal documentation required to undertake the work will be provided by the subscriber’s project sponsor;

  • The subscriber / client will provide for the venue, catering and other expenses related to any workshops or training sessions;   


  • All logistical arrangements and invitations to any engagements will be undertaken by the subscriber / client;

  • Any preparation work or work that may be conducted off site will be permitted in order to save on disbursement costs;        

  • If the consultants put forward in this document are unavailable for some unforeseen reason, we will replace them with consultants with similar skills;      

  • Consultants will be expected to work an eight-hour working day.  Any overtime incurred will be documented and invoiced as per the agreed project budget;         

  • The subscriber / client will be responsible for the final content of all deliverables and will also be responsible for the submission thereof;      

  • The subscriber / client’s management team is responsible for ensuring stakeholder commitment and support for all initiatives;     

  • All users will attend the allocated training sessions / events as scheduled;        

  • The subscriber / client will ensure that all participants at training sessions will have the required hardware and access the internet at the planned training sessions;       

  • Action Assist can be customised to facilitate the integration with an Action iT (Pty) Ltd approved Systems Provider (to be agreed upon with the Project Steering Committee) on the assumption that the Systems Provider allows for the Pull and Push of data. The cost of such an integration is limited to the hours included in this document;

  • The subscriber / client will be required to log all Help Desk and other calls through the online Action Assist Help Desk. Calls not logged through the defined process will not be attended to and will not form part of the SLA process;

  • Subscription fees may vary depending on the actual consumption (active users) on the database. The price is limited to the identified modules and the number of module users for each module as specified;

  • Additional active module users will attract a user fee of R 75 + VAT per month;

  • For all active Individual Performance Management modules, users without active logins (known as inactive users) will be available at R 0 + VAT per month; 

  • Data included in the subscription is set at 5GB. Additional data can be purchased at R 150.00 + VAT per GB;

  • The subscription pricing excludes: VAT, disbursements, implementation, training and support costs;

  •  Annual subscription fees are to be paid by the subscriber / client within 30 calendar days from the start of the subscription year;   

  • System Support (including access to the online HelpDesk) fees are payable on a prepaid basis in equal monthly instalments on the first working day of each month. The system support includes all offsite support and is included on the principle of fair usage over the subscription period; 

  • The System Support hours of Action Assist are 08h30 to 16h30 Monday to Friday, excluding South African public holidays. All faults must be logged directly with Action iT (Pty) Ltd in the manner prescribed. All calls logged will be acknowledged within four (4) support hours from being logged. All correctly logged requests will be cleared within sixteen (16) support hours unless technical or other circumstances prohibit the clearance in which case the request owner will be notified;

  • Action iT (Pty) Ltd has planned maintenance slots every Sunday from 16h00 to 22h00 during which time user access may be restricted. Should additional time be required a notice giving the necessary details will be posted on Action Assist before the close of Support hours the preceding Thursday;

  • Any modifications and updates to Action Assist modules and module functionality must be contracted through Action iT (Pty) Ltd and are for the account of the subscriber that initiates the request;        

  • The subscriber / client will assign a dedicated and competent person/s (and at least one backup person) to act as the Database Administrator of the database;

  • Action iT (Pty) Ltd, at its own discretion, may decide to suspend the availability of Action Assist to the subscriber / client, if after 30 calendar days after the termination of this Agreement, the Agreement has not been replaced with a new Agreement covering the next Action Assist subscription year;