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Competency Learning

Our Competency Learning offering includes:

AIT200 - Using Compatencies to Recruit and Select - 600 x 800 (#14349).png

Using Competencies to Recruit and Select

2 to 3 Day Workshop

Finding the right fit – people who don’t only have the correct academic qualifications and relevant experience, but the right attitude and necessary soft skills – can be daunting. This workshop equips participants with the knowledge and practical skills needed to interview and select successfully by using competency-based techniques to determine if candidates exhibit both the “softer” and “harder to get at” behaviours.

ICON - Compliance - 250 x 182 -20150917.png

Improving Performance: A Starter guide to the Implementation of Individual Performance in your Municipality

1/2  Day Workshop

Gaining a better understanding of the requirements to implement individual performance within a municipality, understanding the difference between KPAs, KPIs and planning an Performance Implementation Plan.

AIT202 - Managing Service Experience - 960 x 960 (#2051).png

Managing the Service Experience

6 Days Workshop

Give your business the competitive advantage, get to grips with the fundamentals of managing the customer service experience. This essential service course is anchored in the philosophy that effective, efficient, co-ordinated and customer-focused service delivery is what really makes brands stand out


Managing Individual Performance: A Practical Approach for Non-HR Practitioners

3  Day Workshop

A three-day facilitated workshop designed to support municipal management to gain a better understanding of the requirements to implement individual performance within their municipal environment as required by Regulation 890.  The course is designed to gain a better understanding of key performance areas, key performance indicators and competencies and their role in improving individual performance. 

AIT203 - Customer Service - 576 x 960 (#17851).png

!Service – A Customer Service Workshop

2 Days Workshop

Ever changing, increasingly demanding – getting and staying ahead in business today no longer requires meeting customers’ expectations, but consistently exceeding them. Turn your team from customer service staff into Customer Service Champions with this essential workshop aimed at giving them the lifestyle and practical skills, team-focused mindset and customer-centric approach they need to succeed. Because your customers’ perceptions shape your business reality.

AIT201 - Presenting with Impact - 800 x 622 (#22437).png

Presenting with Impact

2 Days Workshop

Effective presentation and public speaking skills are important in business, sales, training, teaching, lecturing, and generally feeling comfortable speaking to a group of people.

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