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​The Action iT team is made up of passionate, highly specialised individuals who place a high value on ethical business practices and forming lasting relationships with our clients. With these combined skills, the company is well placed to provide an integrated approach to assisting organisations with their performance management, governance and learning requirements.


The Action iT team of professionals together with our strategic business partners have, over many years, gained vast experience in the rollout of interventions in defining, implementing, managing and reporting on the Strategic Direction of organisations. These interventions include the implementation and support of Action Assist and the professional services, training, capacity building and support required to meet the client’s strategic intent.

We believe that Action iT has the experience to assist organisations with the identification of their individual developmental GAPS for each of the focus areas and that we can assist with the implementation of the required corrective action(s) for the gaps identified. Where required, our online technology tool “Action Assist” can assist with the management of the tasks needed to achieve the expected outcomes.

Our success is driven by our Mission, Vision, Values, our diverse qualified and experienced team and our belief in supporting corporate social responsibility projects. 

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Mission, Vision, Values

More information on the Action iT Mission, Vision and Values 

Our Team

Our highly specialised team includes the following individuals.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We give back by!

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