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  • What is Action Assist?
    Action Assist is an innovative online subscription offering which provides organisations with a secure web-based platform for the management of processes and storage of data on the internet. The tool reduces the administration burden on stakeholders in the day to day operational running of the organisation and clearly assigns responsibility and accountability to users.
  • Does Each Client Have Their Own Database?
    An independent database is created for each Action Assist client, which is branded with the organisations name and logo.
  • What Functionality Does Action Assist Offer?
    Action Assist is made up of various document management and action (task management) modules: The action modules manage the status of actual process activities against pre-defined process activities (as defined in the setup of the module). All activities on the database are SMART, and timestamped which allows for accurate performance reporting. The document management modules manage various types of electronic documents that have been uploaded onto the database.
  • What are the key operational actions that users of Action Assist carry out?
    The users of the system can utilise the various modules of Action Assist to: Allocate and track activities, tasks and KPI’s assigned to users Upload various forms of documents for back-up, audit, evaluation and document management purposes On screen / export to excel report generation with the use of report filters Automation of e-mail notifications and reminders activated by defined events Capturing of data into predefined input tables for dashboard report generation
  • How is an Action Assist Database activated?
    Registration of the Subscription is facilitated through a Business Partner or directly with Action iT (Pty) Ltd. The registration is managed through the Action iT (Pty) Ltd (Action Assist) subscription form. The Subscription form must be printed, signed by the Business Partner and then faxed or e-mailed to Action iT (Pty) Ltd on or + 27 (0)86 626 1403; ​ The Action Assist database will be activated within sixteen support hours from the receipt of the signed order (unless a technical problem or other circumstances prohibit the timely activation in which case the organisation partner will be notified). The Action Assist Administrator is identified and trained by a Business Partner or directly with Action iT (Pty) Ltd. The first activity performed after database creation is Setup of the database.
  • What is required to get access to Action Assist?
    From an IT perspective, all that the users require is a computer with access to the internet and a web browser (Internet Explorer 9 or higher or Google Chrome). Action Assist does work in other browsers, however testing and support are not guaranteed. As Action Assist is hosted off-site and is maintained by Action iT (Pty) Ltd, the client does not need to provide any software.
  • How is the Action Assist data hosted?
    The Action Assist server is hosted on a virtual server solution offered by Internet Solutions. The server is held on the Internet Solutions premises, is protected by a firewall managed by Internet Solutions and is monitored by their engineers. The server is backed up daily by Redstore. The backup is held offsite.
  • What integration is available with other software?
    Integration with other systems takes place through the import and export functionality of the various modules (where applicable). This can be achieved by the importing and exporting of the relevant data in a CSV format. A Business Partner or Action iT (Pty) Ltd. can provide support in this regard.
  • What levels of user access are available on Action Assist?
    User access to the Action Assist platform is governed by the Action Assist Database Administrator. ​ The Database Administrator has complete control of the users who access the Action Assist system and can easily add or remove users as required. ​ The Assist Database Administrator also has complete control over the password security rules that govern the users on the system. Users can be defined as Super Users or Normal Users depending on their user roles within the system. More stringent password security rules can be defined for the Super Users. Password rules which can be defined include: password length, password complexity, password age (how often to force users to change passwords), password history (how many passwords to remember to prevent users repeating passwords). Rules can also be defined regarding how many incorrect password attempts can be made before the user is locked out as well as how long that password lockout continues before the user can login again. ​ The database and module set-up functionality allow the administrator(s) to define the level of user access to the database and to each of the activated modules. ​ User access allows the subscriber to define user access for, typically, the following types of Users: Action Assist Administrator: User responsible for the activation and maintenance of Users and for defining system defaults; Module Administrator: User responsible for the set-up of the module and for defining User Access within the module; User: The person(s) who uses Action Assist; Admin User: The person(s) who has administrative rights; Assurance Provider: The person(s) who is allowed to perform assurance functions; Support User: The person(s) who is the support user to the organisation.
  • What support is available for Action Assist users?
    The Action Assist modules are supported by our developers and Business Partners. Our Business Partners are listed on our website. Modules are enhanced as requested by our subscribers on an ongoing basis. An update notification of these enhancements is automatically made to all our subscribers on the login page.
  • Has a backup and retention strategy been implemented?
    The Assist system is supported by a strict backup policy. The system is backed up daily by an external service provider, RedStor. The backups are progressive. The backup process is entirely automated and requires no human intervention. All data on the server is encrypted before being transmitted for secure storage offsite. The status of the backup is available to the Assist Administrator via the System Backup report. Backups are regularly tested, according to the Action Assist Backup policy (available to the Assist Administrator) and the results thereof are published on the System Backup Test Report. A complete backup is performed on a weekly basis, managed by Action iT IT personnel, which is stored off-site in a secure data centre for 1 month before being archived. Special backups are performed before and after any updates / changes to the Assist system and are treated in the same manner as weekly backups. The status of all backups is available to the Assist Database Administrator in the form of a Backup Report. Internet Solutions have given Action iT a written undertaking, that the servers and data is held in the boarders of the Republic of South Africa and that if required any of our subscribers can visit the infrastructure if accompanied by an authorised representative of Action iT.
  • Does Action iT (Pty) Ltd own all the modules?
    No, there are modules that we host at no cost for Ignite Advisory services (Pty) Ltd. These modules are clearly indicated. Action iT (Pty) Ltd does not support any of these modules and does not accept any responsibility (directly or indirectly) for the working and functionality of these modules. These modules also do not form part of the Action Assist Action Dashboard.
  • Is the data input into Action Assist centralised, decentralised or distributed?
    Data can be captured from any location where the user can obtain access into the application. Data is captured onto the web-based platform and updated on the Action Assist Database hosted by Internet Solutions.
  • How is data processed on Action Assist?
    All data is processed by the Internet Solutions server and the data is stored on the subscriber’s Action Assist database.
  • In which manner is data processed?
    All processing takes place online and data is updated directly onto the subscriber’s database.
  • How is data downloaded for data capture or data transfer?
    Data is captured online or through the use of CSV files through the Import / Export functionality available on certain modules.
  • Who is responsible for the maintenance of fixed subscriber setup data (lists, tables, codes, tariffs etc.) ?
    The subscriber administrator and / or relevant module administrators are responsible for the setup and maintenance of the subscriber database, as well as module setup information. This is captured directly onto the system with all changes tracked though an audit log. If applicable, subscribers may request a Business Partner to perform this function on their behalf.
  • Where are application access rights (user profile) defined?
    The subscriber administrator and / or relevant module administrators are responsible for the setup and maintenance of the subscriber database and module setup information. This is captured directly onto the system with all changes tracked though an audit log.
  • Who is responsible for the security administration of users (setting up of new users, etc.)?
    The subscriber administrator is responsible for the setup and maintenance of users. A subscriber may request a Business Partner to perform this function on their behalf.
  • Who is responsible for the maintenance of the Action Assist software?
    Action iT (Pty) Ltd. All the subscribers run on the same version of the software. Updates / Enhancements are made weekly on a Sunday evening, after running a second backup. All subscriber databases are updated at the same time. Updates are communicated to the user through the notice board on the login page.
  • How do I log a Bug?
    A bug must be logged directly with a Business Partner or with Action iT (Pty) Ltd in the manner prescribed.
  • How do I request an enhancement?
    A request is logged with a Business Partner or directly with Action iT (Pty) Ltd in the manner prescribed. All costs for the development and implementation of enhancements are for the account of the subscriber requesting the an enhancement.
  • What are the support hours of Action Assist?
    08h30 to 16h30 Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays.
  • What is the turnaround time on support calls logged on Action iT Help?
    All notifications sent to Action iT (Pty) Ltd will be acknowledged within four support hours from being logged. All correctly logged requests will be cleared within sixteen support hours unless technical or other circumstances prohibit the clearance – in which case the request owner will be notified.
  • How is Action Assist maintenance scheduled?
    Action iT (Pty) Ltd has planned maintenance slots every Sunday from 14h00 to 18h00 during which time user access may be restricted. Should additional time be required a notice giving the necessary details will be posted on Action Assist before the close of Support hours the preceding Thursday.
  • What are the password parameters Action Assist?
    The passwords must consist of a minimum of 6 characters including at least 1 uppercase letter, 1 lowercase letter and 1 number. Changes to the password parameters may be set by the Business Partner and / or their subscribers, under the admin functionality.
  • What formal process procedures are in place to manage changes?
    Action iT (Pty) Ltd ,owner of Action Assist, has formal processes in place for the tracking of requests from our Business Partners. All requests for changes to processes or procedures are formally requested to us by our Business Partners through our helpdesk functionality. Any process between our Business Partners and their subscribers are the responsibility of the Business Partner.
  • What controls are in place over the physical environment of the server rooms?
    Action Assist is hosted by Internet Solutions and is subject to their standard data centre environment controls such as redundant and reliable power sources, connectivity and cooling. Physical access to the Action Assist server is strictly controlled by Internet Solutions’ access control systems. ​ Should any Business Partner and / or subscriber have any specific question(s) in respect of the physical environment controls of the server room(s), these must be submitted formally in writing to Action iT (Pty) Ltd and we will facilitate a response from our account/support manager at Internet Solutions. All the costs incurred for such requests will be for the account of the Business Partner and / or the subscriber making the request.
  • What is an FAQ section?
    An FAQ section can be used to quickly answer common questions about you or your business, such as “Where do you ship to?”, “What are your opening hours?” or “How can I book a service?” It’s a great way to help people navigate your site and can even boost your site’s SEO.

Frequently Asked Questions

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