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Action Assist facilitates the allocation, tracking and reporting of tasks between the various users in the organisation. Management can track the status of all updated actions at any time. Users are notified via e-mail of all new actions and progress status updates of actions they have assigned to others.

Module Often Called: Task Assist, Action Assist

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Complaints Assist facilitates the organisational management of complaints. Complaints can be received by one or more staff members and are electronically logged and distributed to the department / individual responsible for addressing the complaint(s). The assigned respondent updates the complaint electronically, uploads supporting documentary proof and, once complete, closes the call.

Module Often Called: Complaints Assist

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Compliance Assist helps organisations with their compliance to relevant laws, regulations, polices, standard operating procedures, etc. The module provides the functionality for the tracking of compliance to information captured onto the system. The Action Assist workflow methodology facilitates, that when certain events take place, an automatic notification / reminder / action request is send to the identified user to perform the required action.

Module Often Called: Compliance Assist

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Document Management

The Document Assist module acts as a repository of electronic copies of the organisation’s documentation. The Module Administrator defines the categories of documents and is responsible for assigning user access to each of the categories created. Only those users authorised to create categories, upload, view and / or delete documents to category of documents, will have access to the functionality. The module facilitates the easy access of documents in a virtual environment.

Module Often Called: Documents Assist, Document Management

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Employee Information

The Employee Assist module facilitates the management of employee master data required to effectively manage the individual performance management process of the employees in the organisation.

Module Often Called: Employee Assist

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Individual Performance

The Individual Performance Management module assists with the building of individual scorecards (per individual employee) per financial year directly cascaded down from the Annual Plan and / or Job Activities Library (as required).

Module Often Called: Individual Performance Assist

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The Project / Contract / Cases Assist module assists organisations with the operational and compliance management of projects.

Module Often Called: Project Assist, Case Assist, Contract Assist, Deliverable Assist

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Query Assist provides subscribers with a centralised on-line query register. The module assists organisations with the management and clearing of various types of queries.

Module Often Called: Query Assist, Audit Query Assist

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Resolutions Assist helps organisation to effectively manage Board / Council Resolutions. Resolutions are captured onto the system and once submitted, an action is automatically e-mailed to the person responsible for executing the resolution.

Module Often Called: Resolutions Assist


Job Activities Library 

This module is a requirement if the subscriber cascades their performance management process all the way down to general workers and the performance manager does not want to recapture the required job activities for all employees more than 1 (one) time.

Module Often Called: Jobs Activities Library

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Legislation Library

The Legislation Library acts as a central repository of all the required legislation, regulations, guidelines etc. required by the subscriber for the measurement of compliance within the organisation.

Module Often Called: Legislation Library

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Master Information

The Master Information Module acts as a central repository of master data captured by the organisation. Typically, three sets of master data are maintained; Employee data, Supplier data and Customer data.

Module Often Called: Customer Master, Employee Master, Supplier Master

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Organisational Performance

The organisational performance management module is an electric tool that facilitates the management of organisational performance on a monthly and quarterly basis. The module can be easily tailored to address the subscriber's performance management needs. This tool has been developed taking into account the public sector legislative requirements in South Africa and best practice performance management experience. The module includes functionality for the building of SMART Key Performance Indicators, management of time periods, uploading of proof of evidence, and assurance functionality etc. 

Module often called: SDBIP Assist, APP Assist, Business Plan Assist

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mSCOA Integration

As the implementation of performance management in Local Government in South Africa continues to gain momentum nationally, Municipalities are increasingly investing resources in the development and implementation of a Performance Management System (PMS) under the governance of Local Government Municipal Systems Act No.32 of 2000. 

Module Often Called: mSCOA Integration

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Personal Development

PDF Assist facilitates the allocation, tracking and reporting of personal development tasks between the various users in the organisation. Management can track the status of all updated actions at any time. 

Module Often Called: PDP Assist

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Risk Assist provides subscribers with a centralised on-line Risk Register(s). Risk Assist assists with the management and addressing of various types of risks identified by the management team of the organisation.

Module Often Called: Risk Assist


Strategic Plans

The strategic planning process is very important for any organisation and needs to be carried out before implementing a performance management system. During this process, the leadership team of the municipality needs to define the Vison Statement, Mission Statement and Value Statement of the municipality before they can start the process on agreeing on the service delivery objectives and outcomes.

Module Often Called: IDP Assist, Strategic Plan Assist

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