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About Us

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Action Assist is backed and supported by a team of highly experienced professionals and programmers that have extensive experience in the strategic and operational running of organisations in both the private and public sectors. It is with the application of these skills together with the correct implementation of Action Assist that provides organisations with the opportunity to ensure that the implementation of their organisational and individual performance management systems can be successful and sustainable.

Our team can assist with the implementation of projects and providing of technical and system support to build the required internal capacity needed for your organisation to operate the Action Assist system independently from any consultant support.

As a support to our subscription offering, we also provide consulting, training, capacity building and a cash management services to our subscribers/clients.

Action iT (Pty) Ltd, a South African Small Medium Enterprise, was formed in 2006 with the purpose of developing and commercialising web-based Performance Management Solutions. Our web-based offering, called Action Assist is exclusively owned and maintained by Action iT (Pty) Ltd.

Since the inception of the company, there have been many enhancements to the various modules of Action Assist which has resulted in the company supporting in excess of 3 000 active module subscribers across a large geographical area in South Africa. Although the bulk of our current subscribers are at local government level, the Action Assist system can be used in all the sectors of business.

In 2017 the business opened an Innovation Centre in Century City which is situated in Cape Town. The Innovation Centre is a space where we are able to interact with our Clients, Subscribers, Business Partners and Associates etc. in a creative and innovative environment.

To enable us to provide our clients with the best solutions possible we have formed a network of Business Partners/ Associates to assist us in providing your organisation with the best solution(s) possible. It is our objective to continuously build on this network to ensure that at all times we are aware of the solutions available in the market.

Although the house brand of the subscription tool is called Action Assist, our approved Business Partners are allowed to white label the offering for their own requirements.

The geographical spread of the current subscribers to Assist, incorporating our business partners’ subscribers, is depicted below:

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