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System Support

Action iT provides System Support to paid up Action Assist subscribers. System Support represents the ongoing system support provided to the Action Assist users. The support hours are the hours required to assist the client with system support around the use of Action Assist system and does not include any capacity building or Process Support services on the data captured into the system. We provide two types of System Support:


Basic System Support is the standard level of support provided to subscribers at no additional cost. Basic System Support provides users the ability to log system errors though the Action Assist HelpDesk, receive system updates and obtain Access to our On-line User Manuals.

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Premium System Support is provided at a monthly support fee. It provides access to HelpDesk Resources, i.e. Virtual System Use Support, Video’s, User Groups, Remote support for Go-Live and post Go-Live activities, Troubleshooting any performance or functional issues and system errors, Regular interactions with the System Administrator, and collaboration with the resolution of system bugs / errors / enhancements etc. The Premium System Support hours are limited to the fair use hours included in our standard terms and conditions, but additional System Support hours can be negotiated (if required).


Only support calls logged through the online Helpdesk are actioned.

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