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Our Experience

Action iT (Pty) Ltd, a private South African company, was originally formed with the purpose to develop and commercialise web-based operational practice / organisational management solutions. The web-based offering, called Action Assist is exclusively owned and maintained by Action iT (Pty) Ltd. Since inception of the company in 2006, there have been many enhancements to the various modules of Action Assist which has resulted in Action Assist supporting in excess of 3 000 active module licensed subscribers across a large geographical area in South Africa.

Consultant dependency, which is one of the largest challenges that many organisations are currently facing in South Africa, can only be addressed if organisations build sufficient internal capacity to enable them to meet their strategic objectives. We have addressed this challenge by separating our offering into our Technology Offering (Action Assist) and our Capacity Building and Support Offering.

Our commitment to our clients is to identify, meet and exceed their expectations by providing an innovative, cost effective, efficient and personal service. We have adopted a philosophy of business partnerships. We partner with our clients and build our long-term relationships based on trust and integrity.

Performance Management is a process and not a once-off event. It therefore requires the appropriate level of strategic guidance and commitment from the leadership team of the organisation. With our combined skills, Action iT is well placed to provide an integrated approach to assisting organisations with their performance management requirements, as well as other extended human resource needs. The team consists of technically proficient individuals who are committed to developing long term trust relationships with our clients.

To ensure the proper alignment (downward cascading) of performance requirements to meet the required outcomes it is imperative that a top down approach is followed. The leadership team of the organisation needs to ensure that all the strategic objectives, as were defined in the Strategic Plan, are included, and unpacked in the Annual Plan of the organisation using the SMART principles.

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